The Rugged, Durable, NEMA 12-Rated EdgeRack Industrial 8M

Engineered to excel in environments where other cabinets fail. Protected from dust, water, and other contaminants with 8kW of cooling capacity.

Ready To Protect Your Most Sensitive IT Equipment


A Stronger Edge Micro Data Center

The EdgeRack Industrial 8M is perfect for industrial environments and edge deployments, including remote manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and more. It unlocks real-time data collection and processing in traditionally prohibitive environments. Experience reduced network delays and get actionable data quicker with the 8M.

Your Hardest Working Piece of IT Equipment

The EdgeRack Industrial 8M was meticulously designed for maximum usability in harsh environments. It comes prefabricated, pretested, and ready to handle your toughest assignments.
Powerful, Efficient Cooling
The self-contained, side-mounted cooling unit provides up to 8kW of cooling capacity and eliminates the need to attach copper coolant pipes. The inverter compressor and EC fans provide efficient cooling to match the IT load, minimizing energy consumption.

Eliminates Condensate Water
The cooling unit has a built-in condensate processing device. It evaporates condensate water, eliminating the need to attach water drainage pipes.

Flexible Air Management
Manage exhaust air via either a flexible duct connecting to an HVAC return or exterior vent or to ambient air via a ventilated opening in the roof panel.
Environmentally Adaptable
Conforms to both traditional and non-traditional IT environments. The NEMA 12 and IP55-rated 8M will operate seamlessly in the presence of water, humidity, dust, or grime. Just load it up and plug it in. 

Shared Cooling
Remove the side panels (security-head bit included) and deploy units side-by-side to mimic the effect of an in-row cooling unit and ensure cooling redundancy should a unit go offline.

Fortified Form Factor
To help earn its IP55 and NEMA 12 ratings, the 8M features fully-welded seams, specialty sealants and gaskets, as well as provisions for cable glands. All in a standard cabinet form factor.
Safe and Secure
It comes fully assembled with locking front/rear doors and side panels fixed via exterior security-head screws. Choose between mechanical or electromagnetic door access controls.

Minimal Maintenance
The cooling unit is exposed by removing the cabinet's side panel. It has an access panel, and its condensing and evaporating fans are modular and hot-swappable. The entire unit can be removed and replaced if needed.

Smart and Sturdy
The 8M comes with sensors to detect temperature, humidity, water leakage, and smoke within the enclosure. The optional electromagnetic lock will open the cabinet door in case of an emergency. Additionally, the 8M offers remote environmental monitoring and management.

Load It With Whatever You Need

Load the 8M with our other data center and IT infrastructure solutions and value-added accessories for a complete solution.

  • Audio and Visual Alarms to Compliment Sensors
  • Smart or TAA-Compliant Basic Power Distribution Units
  • Network Cabling Products (Fiber Cables, Copper Cables, Transceivers, Etc.)
  • Fixed and Sliding Shelves and Cable Management Accessories
  • Locking and Standard Power Cords
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Truly a First of Its Kind

The EdgeRack Industrial 8M is an industry-first. No other cabinet or micro data center on the market offers everything the 8M does. Our engineering team left no stone unturned. Every aspect of the 8M was purpose-built to maximize value for our customers. It’s like having a rugged, on-site data center.



  • Unique side-mounted, self-contained 8kW cooling unit allows all 42U of vertical space to be usable vs. competitor offerings with top or bottom-mounted cooling units.
  • The cooling unit eliminates the need for copper coolant pipes, and the condensate processing unit makes water drainage pipe installation obsolete.
  • The 8M features a standard cabinet form factor, allowing units to be deployed side-by-side. Excellent load ratings and heavy-duty casters for easy movement.
  • Remove their side panels with the use of a security-head screw bit (included) to share rack-to-rack cooling and hot return air processing.
  • Built to house the entire IT infrastructure for your facility, including networking, storage, and compute.

  • The cooling unit’s condensing and evaporating fans are hot-swappable, and the cooling unit itself can be removed for maintenance or replacement.
  • LED lighting in the front and rear of the cabinet for increased visibility when the cabinet doors are open.
  • Sensors alert operators and mitigate risk in the case of an environmental emergency within the cabinet.
  • Both mechanical and electromagnetic access control options are offered for maximum security and safety.
  • Equipped with remote environmental monitoring and management functionality to minimize the need for operators to travel to edge locations.

Precision-Designed Airflow Management

We understand that excessive heat poses a significant risk to the performance and health of your IT equipment. The EdgeRack Industrial 8M’s cooling unit efficiently distributes air throughout the cabinet.

The EdgeRack Industrial 8M.
It’s Not Afraid To Get Dirty.

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