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DefenseShield™ EMC Hardened Enclosure by Enconnex

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Product Overview

DefenseShield™ Out-Performs the Competition

The DefenseShield™ Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Hardened Enclosure is a Radio Frequency (RF) shielded cabinet that provides military-grade performance to shield against technical surveillance and block electromagnetic fields. It provides shielding from RF interference, EMC, and power conditioning to create a real device application test environment or a secure environment where data is protected.
DefenseShield™ provides a compelling solution to the most common, high-requirement applications.



    Allows testing to scale from an R&D lab testing several devices in a single enclosure to a datacenter with thousands of devices across as many racks as needed. Each enclosure remains isolated.


    The rack is purposely built for effectively attenuating signals from 1MHz to 18GHz. Government agencies, internationally accredited labs, communications companies, and tech giants have tested, approved, and implemented the rack.


    50% lighter than competitive products on the market making shipping, integration, and installation significantly easier.


    DefenseShield™ provides significant airflow with 10 powerful, long-life fans. The rack can power the fans on redundant circuits with automatic failover in case of power or PDU failure.

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Shielded Rack vs. Shielded Room.

Why choose a Shielded Rack?

  • Lower total cost

  • Lower maintenance

  • Lower implementation cost

  • Allows use of off the shelf electronics as opposed to expensive TEMPEST equipment

  • Lasts for generations of IT systems

  • Provides granular, sectionalized signal and physical security

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Target Application

When do you need a DefenseShield™ solution?


Historically, the primary purpose of the RF shielded racks has been as a technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) for cybersecurity-mitigating risks from power analysis and electromagnetic interference (EMI) side-channel attacks. The proliferation of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies pose newer eavesdropping threats.


DefenseShield™ allows the dense installation of wireless devices (400 phones) while eliminating interference and providing cooling. This allows for:

  • Testing websites across a multitude of devices and operating systems

  • Testing apps in development

  • Testing cybersecurity threats

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DefenseShield™ specifications

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  • Dimensions (H x W x D)88.74 x 26.49 x 56.97 in.
    (2254mm x 600mm x 1303mm)
  • Max Mounting Depth990mm
  • # of RUs - Usable Space42U
  • Net Weight375 lbs or 170 kg
  • Weight Capacity (static load)1500 lbs (680 kg)
  • Weight Capacity (dynamic load)1000 lbs (453 kg)
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